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This is the last centre in the Monti Aurunci, situated on a small hill overlooking the Ga-rigliano Plain. With Minturno it shares the border between Lazio and Campania. Al-though it was born before Rome, the present town centre is clearly of mediaeval origin. It belonged to the Caetani family, who built the castrum forte to guarantee control of traffic in the Gariglian valley, and later passed to the Colonia and Carafa families. The main constructions of the period are the walls that still enclose the old centre, the square tower and the church of St.Giovanni Battista. More ancient is the hamlet of Suio Alto, once a commune in its own right; together with the original urban structure it conserves the church of St.Maria in Pensulis and the remains of the castle. The most dramatic time in the life of Castelforte was the Second World War, when it was one of the centres worst hit during the battle to break through the Gustav Line. On the Garigliano shores is the major spa resort of Suio Terme, already renowned in Roman times for its curative waters called “vescinae”. The waters contain suphur, bicarbonate and calcium, are alkaline-earthy, cold, warm and hyperthermic and suitable for balneotherapy, irrigation, inhala-tion, insufflations and treatments for rheumatism, arthritis, certain skin complaints and problems of the gastro-enteric, uro-genital and respiratory system. The mud are also ex-cellent - www.termedisuio,it

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