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Situated at 410 m. on a sheer rocky spur (la Rave), this dominates the Pontine plain. The origins of the present town date from the Middle Age but its name is derived from the ancient Norba, destroyed by the Romans in 82 b.C. and never reconstructed, which stood at Civitas, approximately a kilometre away. Of the so-called “stone town” today you can still see the impressive remains of the great polygonal walls approximately 2300 metres long, broken by gates and the Loggia bastion. The area was rich in public and private buildings, places of worship and administrational centres. The mediaeval town was a feud of the Caetani family and passed to the Borghese family in the 17th century. Of interest, besides the gates, are the Palazzo Baronale, the Collegiate of the SS.Annunziata and the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Rifugo, On the south-west side of the hill are the remains of the Monastery of St. Michele Arcangelo in Monte Mirteto. The Archaeological and Virtual museum and the chocolate museum deserve a visit. Thanks to its particular position, it is a favourite haunt of hang-gliders. There is a large and good qualitity production of ricotta cheese , oil and chestnut, the latter distributed to visitors during the festival held at the end of October.


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