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This town was part of the Kingdom of Naples and was its northernmost land on the bor-der with the Papal State. It is situated on a small hill 133 metres high, detached from Mt. delle Fate (1090 m.) and Mt. Calvo (1038 m.). The urban structure consists in a nucleus of buildings resting against the bare rock, narrow streets that turn into flights of steps and lead to the top of the defence system and the remains of the castle, which affords a sweeping view of the Fondi Plain and the Lake of the same name. The historical sghts in-clude the castle, now in a state of abandon, the church of St.Giovanni Battista with a fine 15th century triptych by Cristoforo Scacco, portraying St. Rocco, the Madonna della Mercede and the Portico. Contrada Vallemarina, an area full of wine-yards that produce the famous Moscato wine, celebrated in a September Festival, has several mausoleums dating from Roma times, including that said to be of the Emperor Galba, who was born in Monte San Biagio. In an area of great naturalistic value, along the St. Vito Pass, you can admire the largest and loveliest cork wood in mainland Italy.


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