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Located on a hill overlooking the coastal villages of Scauri - the ancient Pyrae - and Ma-rina di Minturno, the town has very ancient Auruncan and Roman origins. Il was built on the shores of the Garigliano river, which today marks the borders between the Province of Latina and Latium and the Province of Caserta and Campania. The Garigliano river is spanned by the old chain bridge built by the Borboni in 1828, which has since been completely restored. In the area there is one of the most important archaeological com-plexes of Latium, Minturnae, featuring a great historical and monumental heritage, with the remains of large buildings such as the Theatre, seating 2,500 spectators and the set-ting of a summer festival, temples, two forums from the Republican and Imperial periods, the Capitolium, shops (tabernae), a market (macellum), a museum, and a thermal estab-lishment. Near the archaeological area is a Commonwealth military cemetary, a poignant reminder of the bloody battles fought here during World War II. The area of Minturno has close ties with tradition and history, reflected in the heritage of its Medieval town centre: a baronial castle and churches: Collegiata di S.Pietro (with two aisles and a nave divided by ancient Roman columns), Santissima Annunziata and S.Francesco. Some old-er ladies still follow the custom of dressing in the traditional local costume. Every year, Minturno holds a festival, called the Sagra delle Regne, which harks back to many centu-ries ago, when the wheat - harvested and threshed in the public square by a team of “vigi-latori” - was then offered to make bread for the poor. The festival is enlivened by singing, dancing and folk groups. On the sea Minturno has two villages, Scauri and Marina di Minturno, with fine sandy beaches stretching between two capes: Monte d’Argento and Monte d’Oro, and a tower dominating the suggestive gravelly beach in the protected na-ture reserve of Giànola-Monte di Scauri, with the Oasi Blu, part of the Riviera di Ulisse Regional Park.

PORTO DI SCAURI (port/marina) - coordinates 41°15' 17 N, 13°42' 14 E. A marina comprising a small dock with quays approx. 400 m long, for small craft; vessels with a draft in excess of 2 m are required to moor offshore. Pontoons are installed in season. Seabed: sandy and slimy - Depth: 0.8-2.5 m. – Boat berths: 90 - Max length: 12 m.

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