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This is a well-conserved mediaeval centre that has practically maintained its original ur-ban structure intact, growing up around the mediaeval stronghold at a height of 358 m.. There are dwellings, high passages and tower-houses. Behind it , marking the boundary with the province of Frosinone, is Mt. Calvello (935 m.) and the large areas blanketed with chestnut, beech and ilex trees; its slopes lead to the Amaseno Valley. The main his-toric and monumental features is the Rocca Baronale, with a square plan, at the top of the town. It is all the more important because St. Thomas of Aquinas stayed here in the day preceding his death. Beside the Catsle, are the church of St.Maria Assunta in Cielo, re-stored in 1956, the church and square of St.Reparata. Two appointments that should not be missed are the Holy Play on Good Friday and the Cherry Festival.


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