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A well-known farming centre, this was in an ancient times a major transhumant route linking the Liri Valley with the Fondi Plain. Surrounded on three sides by the Mt.Ausoni, it overlooks the Fondi Plain and the lahe of the same name to the south. The mediaeval urban centre occupies the highest part of the hill (425 m.) with a defence system consist-ing in a ring of walls, arranged in the tradiotional enveloping plan, houses packed close together, narrow streets and flights of steps climbing towards the last defence and the Palazzo Baronale. Interesting mediaeval constructions are the churches of St.Giovanni Evangelista, St.Maria Maggiore, St.Croce and Benigne Grazie. Special mention must be made of the sanctuary of the Madonna del Colle, also reached by following the “Scalinata della Pace” (steps of peace), and where a picture of the Madonna and Child is venerated. This place is of particular importance to popular devotion. The celebration held in honour of the Madonna del Colle and St.Rocco draw many participants


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