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The semicircle of the Ausoni and Aurunci Mts. That terminates at Terracina and Sper-longa, delimits the broad Fondi-Monte S.Biagio Plain, in which rich karst springs form Lake Fondi. The plainends at a coastline of the Fondi area that extends for over 10 kms. A strand of dunes, hich is still partly unspiled and hosts primitive vegetation, accompa-nies the sea, highlighting the seaside nature of this land, whose capital lies in the interior. According to legend, the town was fonde y Hercules, and the historic centre is rich in history, making it an attraction for those interested in cultural tourism. The layout of Fondi is similar to the typical Roman grid plan, with the decumanus and cardo as the the main intersecting streets, the medieval walls, and buildings which for the most part were constructed by the Caetani family. The historic, religious and architectural heritage of Fondi revolves around its recently restored Castello, dominated by a grandiose keep, the Palazzo del Principe, and its private buildings and churches. The most important churches are the former Cathedral of Sam Pietro, built in the 13th century, which houses numerous art treasures; the 15th century Church of S.Maria Assunta, near the ancient Roman forum; the church and former convent of S.Francesco , restored in the 14th century. In the historic centre the old Jewish quarter, known as Giudea, is almost perfectly preserved. Along the Appian Way, at the west gates of the city, lies the small Madonna del Soccorso church. In the nearby countryside one can see the remains of the grandiose S.Magno Monastery complex at the foot of Monte Arcano, on the summit of which is a small sanctuary dedicated to the Madonna della Rocca, which is a popular pilgrimage site. Fondi’s present-day prosperity is no less important than its historic patrimony. The local economy is based on agriculture and the promotion of its farm products: Fondi has one of the leading produce markets in Italy, the Mercato Ortofrutticolo di Fondi, which merchandise and sells thousands of tons of products every year. Tourism is the latest addition to the locale economy and is growing rapidly, with some hotel and above all large campgrounds along the Salto di Fondi coastline; many of these latters, for their size and services they offer, are veritable tourist villages that organize recreational activities and shows for their guests.

PORTS – DOCKS – BERTHING CANALE SANT’ANASTASIA – at Salto di Fondi (canal port) - coordinates: 41°17' 29 N, 13°20' 66 E. The berthing places are located at the mouth of the S.Anastasia canal, along whose banks there are makeshift wood jetties approx. 250 m long. Seabed: muddy and sandy - Depth: 0.5-1.2 m. – Boat berths: 50 - Max. length: 6 m.

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