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Situated along the Appia Way, on the route which St.Paul was taken as prisoner on his journey to Rome. Cisterna was probably the Roman settlement of Tres Tabernae men-tioned in the Acts of the Apostles as one of the two Pontine localities (the other being Forum Appii) where the Apostle met groups of Christians. The city developed greatly and enjoyed its “golden age” under the dominion of the Caetani family, which extended its territory as far as the Lago di Fogliano (the lake now part of the territory of Latina. Thanks to its position at the edge of the malaria-ridden zone and its being a stop on the Rome-Naples express train route, Cisterna became the headquarters for the reclamation of the Agro Pontino district. In 1944, during the Allied landing at Anzio, the city was al-most totally destroyed by bombardments, which razed the old town to the ground. The town’s original agricultural economy underwent integration with the rise of numerous in-dustries, most of which are connected to the processing of the local farm products: vege-tables, wine grapes and cereals, but above all kiwi and other exotic fruit that have made the city a leader in the production and exportation of these products. The focal points of Cisterna are the 16th century Palazzo Caetani, now city property, in which art historians have found fragments of frescoes by Federico and Taddeo Cuccari, while in the large courtyard is the framework of a Roman cistern; the monumental fountain commemorat-ing the defeat of malaria in the city, designed by the sculptor Ernesto Biondi; the Assunta Church, which was destroyed during the war and was then rebuilt, with the addition of fine ceramics by Angelo Biancini on the portal and apse. The museum del Cavallo e del Buttero. Housed in the above mentione Palazzo Caetani is also worth visiting. But the pride and joy of the city is the Garden of Ninfa, about 15 km. from the city centre

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